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Rescue operation procedures of elevator safety gear

1. Inform the trapped personnel in the elevator car: rescue activities have begun, prompt the personnel in the elevator car to cooperate with rescue activities, do not pick the door, do not attempt to leave the car;
2. Cut off the main power supply of the elevator in the machine room. People can see if the wire rope and transmission wheel are normal, and meet the requirements of the operation of the winding car.
3. Confirm the car, aim at the position where the overlap is, and select the floor station where the elevator is ready to stop.
4. Rescue Plan 1:

1). Rescue workers arrived at the top of the FUREIN elevator.

2). Set the overhaul switch of the car roof of the elevator at the overhaul position, so that the elevator is in the overhaul control state.

3). Connect the main power supply of the elevator, restore the speed limiter and the safety switch on the safety gear to make the safety circuit return to normal and the safety circuit of the floor lock to normal.

4). Rescue workers on elevator car roofs can release safety gear through the following operations:

  • a. If the car goes down, the elevator is operated upward by a point-motion mode to release the safety gear.

  • b. If the car is up, operate the elevator downward by the way of pointing and release the safety gear.

  • c. If the counterweight exceeds the speed limit, the elevator sedan car is operated downward by the point-moving mode to release the counterweight safety gear.

When the wedge of the safety gear is off the guide track, the rescue personnel on the elevator car roof operate the elevator by a point-to-point mode, so that the elevator stops at the selected floor station, confirms the level, and notifies other rescue personnel to cut off the main power supply of the elevator in the machine room.
After confirming the flat floor of the car, the rescue workers on the top of the elevator pan the door opening mechanism to open the elevator floor door/car door and rescue the trapped persons.
When the rescue program 1 can not complete the rescue activities, the rescue program 2 can be selected to continue the rescue

5. Rescue Plan 2:
Emergency operation can be used to open the floor door/car door after the car is flat and complete the rescue work..

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