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Should the Escalator Handrail be Replaced?

Introduction of escalator handrail

Escalator operation consists of two most basic transmission, namely the escalator step chain and escalator handrail. When riding the escalator, people's hand support moving belt is the escalator handrail. Drive the escalator handrail to run by motor drive handrail belt. It should run in the same direction as escalator steps, pallet or adhesive tape. Escalator handrails are divided into two categories: standard C and V, which are generally made of polyurethane and rubber.

In addition, escalator handrail should also have a broken belt protection, an inlet rubber switch to protect the device and eliminate static electricity.

Maintenance requirements and standards of escalator handrail

Maintenance requirements and standards: (1) Check the surface of the escalator handrail and inside there are no obvious scars and signs of friction under the escalator handrail operation. Escalator handrail lip mouth open and guide rail clearance more than 8mm whether in the middle of the mouth guard. Whether the surface cracks or inner and outer layer material peeling or surface wear seriously; (2) Whether the running speed of the escalator handrail is synchronized with the step, the running speed of the escalator handrail is 0 ~ +2% faster than the step; (3) Whether the tension of the escalator handrail is within the standard; (4) Check the armrest pulley group and idlers must run freely, smooth without noise; (5) Check the escalator handrail friction wheel without wear; (6) Escalator handrail with watch inside the cleaning work.

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