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FUREIN Escalator Parts:What is the Escalator Comb Plate?

comb plate">The escalator comb plate is located at both ends of the exit entrance, to facilitate passenger transition and engage with steps, pedals or automatic sidewalk tape. The ends are rounded and shaped to minimize the risk of foot clamping between steps, pedals or tape. The supporting structure shall be adjustable to ensure proper meshing and proper stiffness.

The comb plate is the safety protection device of the elevator. There is a micro switch behind the comb plate.

One side of the comb plate is supported on the front plate and the other side is used as the fixing surface of the comb tooth. Its horizontal Angle < 10 °.The structure of the comb plate shall be adjustable to ensure that the meshing depth of the carding teeth is greater than 6 mm. It can be made of aluminum alloy profiles or thick carbon steel plates.

The comb lamp is a part of an escalator and walkway that gives light from under the foot of the passenger at the exit. Usually set at the end of the skirt board at the entrance and exit. Lighting should be adequate and adequate. The lighting at the comb plate should be consistent with the lighting required in the area. The lighting at the indoor or outdoor escalator and the exit of the automatic sidewalk should be at least 50lx or 15lx respectively.

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