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FUREIN escalator Parts: installation of escalator comb plate

Installation of comb plate

To ensure the safety of passengers on the escalator, it must be installed at the entrance and exit of the escalator

(1) The front comb plate is an extension of the ground plane and the height cannot be different. The height difference between it and the upper surface of the step pedal should be no more than 80mm.

(2) Comb Plate. One support on the front panel, the other as a comb fixed surface, its horizontal Angle of 40 °or less, the structure of the comb plate is adjustable, in order to guaranty the pedals and comb tooth meshing depth of 6 mm with tape or alveolar knead to a depth of 4 mm or more.

(3) Comb Teeth. Tooth width of 2.5 mm, or end for rounded corners, horizontal Angle of 40 °or less.

(4) The adhesive tape of the automatic sidewalk shall have a groove that meshes with the comb teeth of the comb teeth along the running direction.

(5) The height of the belt groove should not be less than 1.5mm, the depth of the groove should not be less than 5mm, the width of the tooth should not be less than 4.5mm, and it should not be more than 8mm.

(6) The tape should be able to be continuously and automatically tension, and it is not allowed to use stretching spring as tension device.

(7) The vertical net height shall not be less than 2.3m above the escalator, the footstep of the automatic sidewalk or the tape of the automatic sidewalk.

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